Hello, I'm Jaemin Jo

I am a six-year Ph.D student at Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of Seoul National University. I am studying Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Information Visualization. I am especially interested in visualization and interaction on large-scale data. My recent interest is progressive visual analyitcs: systems that enable interactive data exploration of big data by providing intermediate approximation in the middle of computation. I also love to contribute to open-source projects. You can reach me via e-mail(jmjo@hcil.snu.ac.kr) or Github(e-)!

Picture of Jaemin

Selected Projects

Multiclass Maps

A declarative model for describing and rendering various multiclass density maps.


TouchPivot is a novel interface that assists visual data exploration on tablet devices for novices.


PANENE is a progressive algorithm for approximate nearest neighbor indexing and querying.

Selected Publications